Saturday, April 11, 2009

Oh, the places you'll go

Since the last time I posted I have been to Prague, Budapest, Salzburg, Mauthausen, Melk, and Duernstein. Wow. I promise that I will blog about all of these trips! Right now I just have time to say that I am having a spectacular time in Europe, and I can't wait to share all of my adventures with you! Here are a few pictures. Maybe by posting these I will assuage some of the neglect that my blog is undoubtedly feeling.

Laura, Britain, and I up on the castle hill in Salzburg

A cemetary at Mauthausen concentration camp

The monestary at Melk

An awesome staircase inside the monestary

Me and the lovely Austrian countryside. This was taken up by the ruins of a castle.

Until I have more time, this will have to do! Auf wiedersehen!

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