Tuesday, June 18, 2013

"Maybe I'll Be a Teacher", and other life musings

Maybe I'll be a teacher. Maybe that's actually what I want to do with my life. There, I said it.
Ever since I started working at the school, I've started thinking about getting a teaching certificate. I want to do something truly beautiful with my life. Something that I don't have reservations about, something uplifting and enobling. Maybe teaching is that something. Until this point, I never really thought I would enjoy teaching in a school. I guess now I get to find out. I'm so blessed with the chance to teach at my current job. I think it will be very enlightening, and show me if teaching is really the path that I want to pursue. I love working with the kids. I love it when they tell me stories and ask me funny questions. I love it when they ask me for "two tiny band-aids" and draw me pictures. I love it when they try to guess how old I am. I love it when they show me their art projects and ask me to edit their essays. I love that job. So, maybe I want to be a teacher. I guess I kind of already am.
In other news, I want to start blogging about food. I LOVE cooking. Tonight I made a mixed green salad with walnuts, goat cheese, grilled nectarines and a balsamic reduction. It was amazing, if I say so myself. Shouldn't I be documenting these things? I think so. Expect some sweet (literally) posts in the future. Until then, dream of crisp salad and warm nectarine goodness.

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